2010-03-17 03:01 pm

Friends Only

I've decided to make this journal Friends Only to post more about what's going on in my life.

Feel free to add me and drop me a comment so I'll add you back otherwise it might take me a while to realise.

2007-11-22 06:47 pm

WGA Strike

You know what? Writers on strike are still entertaining.

From the writers of the Daily Show

From the writers of the Colbert Report

"If you don't believe me, Google it!"
2007-11-15 04:06 pm
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Pas d'accord

This way, des araignées...

For the non-French speakers, the article explains that there are more and more spiders in Europe because of commerce with the rest of the world, that the indivisuals that make it from abroad tend to be the bigger ones and that the climate being what it is, they could form colonies and they could be poisonous.

I know it's irrational (mostly) but I can't bring myself to care. I hate spiders. They're creepy, creepy and did I mention creepy, things.
2007-10-16 10:22 pm
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The new Doctor Who soundtrack is due to hit the shelves November 5th!

2003-09-04 11:44 pm

(no subject)

I began drinking coffee again three days ago. That's bad. I can't stay still for more than three seconds, if I'm not playing drums with my fingers or anything I get my hands on then it's my feet moving of their own accord. Tomorrow I stop. Again.