laeti ([personal profile] laeti) wrote2007-11-22 06:47 pm

WGA Strike

You know what? Writers on strike are still entertaining.

From the writers of the Daily Show

From the writers of the Colbert Report

"If you don't believe me, Google it!"

[identity profile] 2007-11-22 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)
now if the only the SNCF people would make such fun videos to get their point across not leave people stranded in train station !! marre de la greve de de la sncf !!!
thanks for the links !!

[identity profile] 2007-11-22 08:40 pm (UTC)(link)
J'ai pas à prendre le train and j'habite heureusement pas Paris mais je te comprends et je suis tout à fait d'accord. That said, I really hope the writers get what they want and that they start production on them again...

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Finally got to watch these. And I know that my cool factor will plummet, but: Word.

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I haven't been able to watch any Daily Show ou Colbert Report lately so it was doubly satisfactory.