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The new Doctor Who soundtrack is due to hit the shelves November 5th!

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This? It's fantastic! I'm super excited. Even though I'll probably have to wait longer or pay extra in shipping. What with being in the US and all...

And is it wrong that I'd rather see the Doctor and the Master on the cover than the Doctor and Martha? No. I don't think it is.

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Anthony's reaction to the news last night: "It's about time, I was wondering if I would have to think up a different Christmas present."

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting the Master up there. I mean, Did you get a look at the S3 DVD boxed set? *goes over to look again and dies of the pretty*

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I mean, Did you get a look at the S3 DVD boxed set?
See, the US ones have the Doctor and Martha running, so I was starting to wonder what was up with you, but then I checked the UK's and I have to say, it's not fair!

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The UK version and not the special edition one, may I add.That's one hot DVD set.

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Oh, gosh. That's not fair at all. The hotness just might kill me.

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You hadn't watched that one, had you? You had looked at the Special "I am the Master/Saxon is your Man" one, right?

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Alas, yes that's the one I saw. Not bad, but better with two.

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I knew it had to be. You were still alive to talk about it. I was brain dead for a while upon seeing it. You need to not buy the american version. It's not THE version anyway.

You seem to be online! I'm not gonna be, sorry, I was supposed to get up at 9am to work on my spanish, write, look for jobs, something else I can't remember, but apparently today was forget to put your alarm clock day (Anthony, Alfonso, my mom and I all forgot it) so I've only been awake for half an hour. I want to build a desk as well. That could prove tricky.

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The problem with not buying the American version is that I can't watch DVDs from other zones. I'm not spending $100+ on something I can't watch.

And I am online. And at work. It's kinda fantastic that I'm paid to watch TV and surf the net. Though, I'd rather do actual work and be paid more... Good luck with all your to do's. Lord knows I've enough of my own to last me about 3 weeks.

PS. 6 tornadoes around Springfield yesterday and overnight. I still blame Julian.